Use Deer Resistant Trees - Control Deer Damage Before It Happens!

A comprehensive study of all damage to Trees from wildlife suggests that 70% of this damage is produced by white-tailed deer. Anticipating the problems caused by deer will greatly reduce the risk of damage on your property. 

You spend a lot of time, money, and energy making your property beautiful; the last thing you want is for deer to make a buffet out of your foliage. In a brief moment deer can devour your plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees; but there are a couple of things you can easily do in order to shield your landscape from deer damage. 

"The first step to protecting the investment in your landscape is to select trees that the deer are less likely to damage. " 

Although no plant is entirely safe from hungry deer; there are many trees less susceptible to deer damage. Below is a list of deer resistant trees

Top 10 Deer Resistant Trees

1) Mimosa

3) Paper Birch 

5) Pawpaw

7) Red Pine

9) Dwarf Alberta Spruce

2) Katsura

4) River Birch

6) American Holly

8) Pitch Pine

10) Bottlebrush

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Choosing any of these deer resistant trees is a great start to protecting your property from costly damage deer. There is no guarantee that the deer will totally avoid these trees because when the availability of their food supply is very low, they will eat most anything. 

Even though you may choose some of the deer resistant trees from the list, you will probably also pick some, if not many, of the trees deer are more prone to damage. So, to further protect your property select one of the deer deterring techniques: install a 9-10 foot perimeter deer fence, every month apply a deer repellant which can be found at your local garden center, or best of all contact a Deer Control Specialist to assess and treat your property for you.

Just remember, if you want to enjoy your landscape more - the most effective way of protecting your property against damage is to be proactive in Deer Control. You can do this by choosing more deer resistant trees and diligently applying deer repellant every month. 

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